Relocation Solution

E-maginer is a team consists of skilled, flexible and highly professional personnel, experienced in all aspects of IT relocation, Cabling, Server room decoration, CCTV installation, PC and Server migration, Computer Disposal and Project management service. Aided by state-of-the-art technology, the team knows how to make the project work, whatever the problem, and whatever the deadline.

Scope of Service

1) IT relocation Services

2) Site audit with inventory take and labeling

3) Professional computer disconnect and reconnect service

4) Un-mount and re-mount of server

5) Installation of new server equipment

6) Cable management of server equipment

7) Desktop rollouts

8) Cat5e, Cat6 and Optical fiber cable installation

9) Panel patching and labeling task

10) Firewall, Switch and Wireless's networking eqiupment installation

11) Access Controll, CCTV and Phone system installation

Desk and Server Side Service

1) Site check

2) Confirm the inventory check list and relocation details

3) Labeling

4) Packing material

5) Pre move inventory check

6) Equipment disconnection and reconnection

7) Confirm the inventory check list

8) Finish the job

Relocation Packing Material

1) AV box with lock

2) Wooden box

3) Bubble bag

4) Secure-tiles seals

5) Polyethylene foam

6) Carton box

7) Trolley

8) Plastic bag

9) HDD protection box

10) Secure-tile Seal

11) Anti-static electricity bag

12) Anti-static electricity glove